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Hamster & Mouse differences between them

If you are one of the people who cannot spot the difference between a mouse and a hamster, this article is for you. Some people find it a bit difficult to tell the difference between the two small pets. This is because both animals have small body frames covered with furs and tails too. The two animals are squeaky and will always leave a trail of droppings wherever they go.

The difference between these two pets are explained below:

Body sizes

The major difference between them is their body size. Although it is not easily noticeable, on closer look, you will find out that the hamster has a larger body size than a mouse. Large body size and shorter tail are the distinctive differences between these two species of rodents.

Cheek Pouches

Another distinctive physical difference between them is the cheek pouches. Hamsters have cheek pouches where they can store foods while mice do not have. The cheek pouches are part of the reasons for a hamster’s large body size.

Different Subfamilies

Both animals have different subfamilies, hamster belonging to Cricetinae and mouse belonging to Murinae.

These are some of the differences between these two pets. Get all the necessary accessories for your small pets at your pet shop online.