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Small Pets Travel & Toys – What Is Suitable for them

Something you should realize when you have a pet rodent is the fact that rodents are intelligent pets that require mental stimulations. And the best way to provide this stimulation is through toys. In this article, we will discuss the best rodent toys that can be used to provide healthy mental stimulation for your pet rodents.


Tunnels are one of the best rat toys that you can get for your pet rodents. Rodents naturally love making and using tunnels. You can provide a ready-made tunnel for them or provide materials for the making of one.

Activity Wheels

Activity wheel is another necessary rat toy. It allows your pet rodent to play and have loads of fun within the confines of its cage. However, you must ensure that the activity wheel you get is safe for your pet rodents. You don’t want an activity wheel harming your pet rodent.

Chewing Toys

Rodents have constantly growing teeth that need to be worn down. This is why they need chewing toys. Example of materials for rat chewing toys include rawhide, paper, gumabones and many more.

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