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Why Should You Use Aquarium Lights?


Aquarium lights are essential accessories for any fish tank or aquarium. They are valuable and essential as they affect the growth of aquatic creatures. Providing the required light and energy to photosynthetic plants, coral, good bacteria, fish and animals to stay healthy. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for aquarium lighting. There will also be details on the requirements for appropriate lighting.


Reasons for Aquarium Lighting


  • Growth of Fish: Lighting is an essential part of life cycle and hence helps fish grow healthy. It allows them to see their foods and feed well. If lighting is not well provided, a fish may fall ill or become lethargic. Goldfishes will lose their colors under insufficient lighting.
  • Aesthetics: Some fishes like goldfish and other species look beautiful under aquarium lights. Many aquariums are also pleasing to the eye whenever illuminated.


  • Safety of Fish Tank: Under adequate lightning, the fish tank can become clearer. Thus, any problems affecting the fish tank can be noted and corrected.



The requirements for illuminating your tank


Lighting an aquarium will depend on the species of fish in the aquarium. This is because the lightning spectrum needs of fishes differ from species to species. Yet, the average duration for illuminating a fish tank is 12 hours.

Lighting an aquarium excessively is dangerous to the health of the fish. This is because of the day and night cycle factor. It also encourages the over-growth of algae, which is not safe for fishes’ growth.


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