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Getting a dog bed is important, but have you ever wondered what goes into a dog bed? The fill materials for a dog bed are also as important as the dog beds. In this article, we will examine some fill materials for dog beds and their characteristics.

It is important to note that choosing a fill material for a dog bed depends on the health of the dog and the desired level of odor control.

Types of Fill Materials for Dog Beds & Baskets

Wood Chippings

These are the most common type of fill materials for dog beds. They are easy to find and very affordable. There are many types of wood chippings, with the aromatic chips being the most popular of all. Aromatic chips can absorb odors from the urine and poo of your pet. It also repels fleas from the dog.

However, it is not soft, so it is not advisable for old and injured animals.

Polyester Fill

This is also known as fiberfill. It is commonly used in stuffed animals and pillows. This type of fill also absorbs odors and is soft. However, your dog may easily rip it off, causing a lot of mess.


There are many types of foam fill for dog beds. Foam chips and pellets are common and work like wood chippings. They also provide the additional softness that is absent in wood chippings. There are also foam sheets and memory foam, which are difficult to clean and replace but offer great support for dog beds.

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