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  • CHIPSI EXTRA Medium - Terrarium Bedding

    CHIPSI EXTRA Medium – Terrarium Bedding

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Reptile Bedding Products

Reptile Bedding options for your pets

Depending on the type and breed of your reptile, you will need to choose a suitable material individual for them. While some reptiles love to burrow, others prefer basking and lounging on their bed. These actions determine the type of material that you need to get. If you have a reptile as a pet, these are the bedding materials you may need to consider.


Wooden bedding materials come in different forms, namely; chippings, shavings, and pellets. They usually come from pine, cedar, aspen, and other softwoods. If your reptile pet doesn’t spend much time on land, wood bedding materials may be suitable. The disadvantages of using wood include lack of absorbency, odor control, and coarse feel.


There are also paper bedding materials that can be used for reptile pets. This material is soft and absorbent. It is also easy for burrowing reptiles. However, it is unnatural, and it may have chemical constituents that may affect reptile pets.


This most popular type of material is alfalfa hay. It is dried and processed into round pellets. This material is absorbent and soft hence easy on the skin. They also help with the control of odor from excreta from the reptile pet. Another interesting feature is that they help repel germs and harmful organisms.

These are some of the options available for bedding your reptile pets. Get quality bedding and other accessories for your little creatures at our online pet store. We are just a click away.