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Bird Homes & Cages – Tips for choosing the correct cage for your Pet Birds

The growth and development of a bird also depend on nutrition as well as the type of cage it stays. The physical and psychological health of the birds has a direct effect by the cage choosen for these pets. Here are some tips for choosing a birdcage for your pets.

Cage Size

  • The cage should be maid from non-toxic components
  • It should be strong as well as secured to prevent the bird from flying away or other preditors
  • Consider the size and height of the bird accordingly, when choosing a bid cage

Cage Materials

  • Perches are important parts of a birdcage. Ensure that natural, clean and parasite free woods are used for perches.
  • The food and water container in the cage should be made spacious and within the beak reach of the bird.

Position of the Bird Cage

  • Place the birdcage away from any fumes or smoke that may affect your pet birds
  • Ensure that the birdcage is not within reach of small children
  • Avoid placing your birdcage in drafty positions and near air conditioners

These are some of the considerations you should factor in choosing a suitable and appropriate birdcage. Quality bird cages are available at Paws & Claws online pet shop in Dubai. Click now to get one for your pet birds.