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Reptile Lighting

Lighting is essential to your reptile’s physical and psychological health and well-being for two main reasons: it provides light and heat.  When in the wild, reptiles are known to bask in the sunlight as it keeps them warm and happy. Lighting and heat also dictate the circadian rhythm of reptiles, which enables the pet to know when it is time to sleep and eat.

Now that your pet reptile is no longer able to bask in the sunlight, it is up to you to make up for the loss of sunlight and the benefits it provides. This involves providing UVB and UVA light. These lights are ultraviolet lights, and they both play different roles in ensuring your pet is happy and healthy.

Ultraviolet lights are divided into three types:

  • UVA – This light helps to regulate behaviors like diurnal movements, feeding, feeding, etc.
  • UVB – These lights facilitate the synthesis of Vitamin D3 which aids the absorption of calcium
  • UVC – This light is not essential for reptiles; however, it helps to kill bacteria. Note that a high level of exposure to UVC light can harm most animals.

Each reptile has its own specific needs, making it imperative for you to identify those needs to meet them. To identify these needs, you need to answer the following questions, among others:

  • What is the nature of your pet’s natural habitat?
  • How big is your terrarium?
  • Do you have to factor in a day/night cycle?

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