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Rabbits & Guinea Pig – Why you should not keep Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Together 

Rabbits and Guinea pigs are two of the popular small pets that we have around. Due to their almost similar physical features, some pet owners love to keep them together. This arrangement has its inherent advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will take on reasons why you should not keep a rabbit and guinea pig together.

Dietary discrepancies

Both pets require different dietary needs. Putting them together will only complicate issues as they tend to eat each other’s food. Guinea pigs cannot synthesize Vitamin C, so itis usually fed to them directly. Putting a rabbit with it could reduce the chance of getting enough Vitamin C if the rabbit eats it all.

Violent Body Parts

Rabbits may injure guinea pigs with their hind leg which is moved when hopping. This injure could be caused unintentionally while hopping or intentionally while trying to mate with the guinea pig.


Rabbits, being the bigger of the two animals, may try to bully the guinea pig. If the guinea pig cannot get away, it gets stressed, and that is not healthy for your pet.

Health Risks

Rabbits are carriers of the bacteria Bordetella bronchisceptica, which is very harmful to guinea pigs. The bacteria causes respiratory problems for the guinea pig. The rabbit, while within the same housing with the guinea pig, may transfer the bacteria to it.

These are some of the reasons why you should not place a rabbit and guinea pig together in the same cage. Get all your accessories and supplies for rabbits and guinea pigs here.