Hamster Castle

AED 299

Does your hamster deserve a castle? Is he or she the queen or the king castle? You know your hamster best, give them what they deserve!

For a quick access to your hamster castle to clean or take out your pet you can simply lift the 4 walls and get to the tray at the bottom without having to unlatch any access doors.

There are 2 hatches that can be linked to each other by connecting multiple standard size hamster tunnels in any shape you can imagine. Or you can link the castle to other hamster homes using the same size tunnels (tunnels are sold separately). The castle includes a water bottle and food bowl.

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Hamster castle fit for a king or queen of the rodent world!

Spacious cage with see through walls without bars allows both you and the pet to have a 360 view of the surrounding.

The acrylic walls are durable and strong, held together by the plastic support channels. To access the inside of the cage from the top you can simply remove the metal wire by unlocking the top latches. For a quick access to clean and replace the bedding or take out your pet you can simply lift the 4 walls up which leaves you with the tray at the bottom without having to unlatch any access doors.

There are 2 inlet and outlet hatches available to link multiple hamster tunnels together. Using tunnels you can link this Hamster Castle to any other hamster homes. (The hamster cage tunnels are sold separately). This castle includes a water bottle and food bowl.

How to clean your Hamster castle

It is very important to keep your hamster cage clean at all time by following a regular cleaning routine to keep them comfortable, happy and healthy. A good practice of healthy pet keeping would include a scheduled daily, weekly and monthly maintenance of any pet enclosure.

Water & Food

Daily maintenance should include providing clean water and food using clean dispensers. Discard any leftover fresh food and do not keep inside the food bowl for a long period of time. Do provide food in a clean bowl whenever feeding your pets.

Wet Bedding

Discard any wet or soiled patches of bedding on daily basis and replenished with fresh dry bedding. The hamsters usually tend to urinate in a specific corner or corners of the cage so it is easy to spot the areas that require change using a small scoop.

Once a week the entire cage bedding should be fully replace. You should also throw out any food that your hamster stored under the bedding. Regularly observe the cage for any obvious areas that need attention, wash the tray or the cage floor if there is bad smell or an excessive odor.

Deep Cleaning

Deep clean the cage at least once month using pet safe products, soap or detergent that is free from ammonia.

A thorough deep cleaning of the cage must be conducted once a month using ammonia free products. Keep your hamster in a temporary enclosure during the cleaning process and ensuring they have enough food and water.

Wash all accessory, toys and cage contents thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water, rinse well before drying. You must thoroughly dry the cage and its equipment’s before adding the fresh bedding. Use good quality bedding to cover the cage floor and ensure they have clean water and food.


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